Adipoli - New Octopress Theme

Aug 7, 2014

Hi all,

I’ve been working with a new theme which gives a fresh look for the blog. Here is it .

Adipoli - An Octopress theme

I’ve started the work from the bootstrap-theme repository and i’ve used the same code highlighter. This theme gives you a feel of wordpress blogs. We have inbuilt integration with twitter and github . Sharing Widgets are also added . You can configure feedburner which is a newbie here :) .

Installation Instructions

From your Octopress directory execute these instructions

git clone .themes/adipoli
rake install["adipoli"]
rake generate
rake preview

Copy the following to your _config.yml file if not present.

default_asides: [asides/recent_posts.html, asides/github.html, asides/delicious.html, asides/pinboard.html, asides/googleplus.html]

Inorder to configure the feedburner Subscriptions add the following line to your _config.yml file .

#feedburner username
feedburner_username: yourfeedname

You can see the widget on the right side bar of the blog. I’ve used Font-awesome icons to spice up the website and i’ve added the Google+ badges at the bottom footer of the page .

Feel free to use it .

Desktop View


Tablet View


Mobile View


You can download the theme from its Github Repository .

Download this theme